Who wears Pixie King Men's Streetwear? (Apart from you of course!)
We see lots of Streetwear labels worn by big stars as part of promotional deals. Rappers especially, with clothing sponsorships sometimes netting more profits to the musician than music sales which is pretty mad.   As a boutique label we don’t have any official band sponsorships… at least not ones where we are sending the band millions of dollars to wear our threads!   Some of the musos that do wear our clothes voluntarily include:-   The Crooked Fiddle Band   http://www.crookedfiddleband.com/These guys play a fusion of folk and dance which is both haunting in its creation an capti...
Mens Streetwear - Australian Style
The clothing type “Streetwear” was born from a generation(X? Y?) who sought as their chosen threads a style of clothing that had as its purpose a statement of casual living and purpose. A suit or a uniform were clothes worn for a purpose with a work destination in mind. Streetwear was more focused on the journey than the destination. Streetwear is not about clothing that should only be worn on the street… it’s about clothing that says “My clothes will not dictate my actions, I wear them to show my freedom to do as I choose.” Streetwear whilst maintaining this message has seen the developed...
Woodford Folk Festival 2012
We love Woodford, the diversity of people and music, its magnificence in size and splendor.  As always, the Fairy Floss will be there again alongside the Fairy from Fairy Floss Pack light in the threads department and buy your  Party Clothing from our stall. With once again, a massive lineup, its sure to be an wonderful festival - so many musical genres catered for over the week.  Come and experience the magic of Woodford. Without a doubt much of the magic happens in the main arena, but the impromptu jam sessions down by the river are not to be missed either.


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