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Mens Streetwear - Australian Style

The clothing type “Streetwear” was born from a generation(X? Y?) who sought as their chosen threads a style of clothing that had as its purpose a statement of casual living and purpose. A suit or a uniform were clothes worn for a purpose with a work destination in mind. Streetwear was more focused on the journey than the destination. Streetwear is not about clothing that should only be worn on the street… it’s about clothing that says “My clothes will not dictate my actions, I wear them to show my freedom to do as I choose.”

Streetwear whilst maintaining this message has seen the developed of many different genres of Streetwear. In the US, Streetwear is synonymous with hip hop culture and is far more brand orientated than in Australia. It’s like in the US… Streetwear has become little more than a vehicle for the big clothing brands… Nike, Adidas etc now sponsoring main stream hip hop artists and Streetwear has almost become the opposite of what it was intended to be – a uniform defining the persons action as opposed to clothing worn to be intentionally ambiguous.

In Australia, Streetwear has maintained its purity… though there is a definite blending of Streetwear in Australian with SurfWear.... understandable considering 90% of the population lives within an hour of the beach… many much closer. Streetwear in Australia is more about keeping it real, men's Streetwear tends to be industrial and individual, as opposed to uniform and brand focused. With dance and trance music more popular in Australia than hip hop, and with so many outdoor dance festivals, there is more of a focus on natural, lightweight materials as opposed to the heavier, synthetic, sportswear/Streetwear concepts in the US.

As a street-wear label our goal is to ensure our customers look great... at the same time they look as if they weren't trying to look great... they've jsut thrown something on that was lying around. We achieve that look? That understated "do i really look that good.. oh.. well that's a surprise" Then we have succeeded. Everyone wants to look good, no one wants to look like they are trying to hard. When you do this... you don't look comfortable in your own skin let alone your clothes.

Pixie King's men's Streetwear focus is not gangster or player, its skater, dancer, or just keeping to real. Our threads are equally at home walking down the street, as in the club or at a dance party. With more money going into our production values as opposed to brand name royalties, expect a higher quality product with more detail and more limited releases.

Unlike casual fashion of past eras such as hippy threads of the sixties, disco threads and flares of the seventies… modern Streetwear has proven to be a long lasting concept having now spanned 3 decades without any end in sight to its popularity. Men’s Streetwear continues to evolve and develop new themes and directions but as it remains targeted at a lifestyle choice so many people find appealing, it’s a style genre that will be with us for some time to come.

The Pixie King is proud to acknowledge we have men's Streetwear customers across every continent… but also across many generations. We have customers who from 16 to 60+ who step out in our threads. Skaters, Ravers, and just your everyday punter who wants to look and feel great in styles that are equal parts comfort and style.

Our style is industrial urban street. We are unaligned with any particular music or activity… we are aligned with a state of mind, a casual attitude not a set of rules to be followed.

Urban Streetwear Pants, shirts, jackets and accessories for the Australian man.



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