Our Story

Fairy Floss was magically established in 1998, in Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia. The location is one of the main hubs for inspiration for creativity on the planet. It hosts pristine and magical beaches and forests and is home for our very conscious open-minded tribe.



As an underground fashion label, our aim is to create unique, tribal and durable collections every season. As opposed to mainstream fashion, Fairy Floss and Pixie King clothing is built to last, both in style and in quality.


 Inspired by different dimensions, the spirit of nature, tribal cultures and life itself, we infuse steampunk grunge elements in our designs. Fairy Floss is created for the conscious unique individuals that want to look spunky and feel comfortable on and off the dance floor. For those who are always young in spirit, ready to express themselves freely and connected to the earth.


Fairy Floss is functional, comfortable, with lots of attention to detail. It is simple and unique at the same time. The fabrics are mostly stretchy cotton lycra that will flatter any form. We use leather, lace, frills, prints, studs, cuts and special washes.


Created by Alex and Revital Lev from our studio in the forest.



Coming from the festival scene and being artists and designers, our vision was to merge these two passions. To make a place where likeminded, conscious, creative people can meet, listen to good music and get alternative tribal steamy wear.


Our original designs are made ethically in Bali with the best quality materials and craftsmanship and with your comfort in mind.


We feel so grateful to be living this life, creating, manifesting, dancing, meditating, and growing. With no doubt we can say “DREAMS COME TRUE” our goal is to spread this awareness to the magic of life. To be joyous, creative and to shine the light of love that is always here and now.



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