Tribal Key chain

This tribal inspired key chain is hand made and each one is unique. Made to hook on Belt loops and rings,This chain will bring charm to any outfit. The different... Learn More

$110.00 AUD

Tribal neckless

This tribal inspired neckless is hand made and each one is unique. With brass "lucky charm" like pendents, Feather,scull and keys, it has a steampunk feel to it. The chain... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Dealer pocket belt

The Dealer pocket belt is a functional, comfortable and stylish way to store all your essentials while moving and dancing around. With 4 big zipped up pockets, designed to sit... Learn More

$99.00 AUD

Vegan Shakti belt

After many requests -we made it from Vegan leather! This gypsy belt is the ultimate tribal belt with its draped rustic copper chains, studs & eyelets. Made from a soft... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

Utility Pocket

The unisex Utility pocket is a down to earth practical bag to hold all your essentials. Made from cotton canvas, this little wonder has 2 hooks to be attached to... Learn More

$55.00 AUD

Pirate suspenders

The Pirate suspenders are a statement of attitude and style. Made from recycled cow leather, those suspenders are adjustable and made to hook on any belt loops. The back has... Learn More

$99.00 AUD

Mercury leg warmer

Love leg warmers? want to funk up your legs and boots? These Mercury leg warmers are the way to do it . Made from stretchy cotton poplin, they have a curved shape... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

Victorian sleeves

The Victorian sleeves have a feminine steampunk vibe about them. Made from stretchy lace, those sleeves are bound to lift any outfit to its burlesque edge. Features an elastic loop... Learn More

$49.00 AUD

Mandala Fan

The Mandala Fan is definitely a festival must! Your own stylish cooling system! Made with a strong wood, that open and closes swiftly, so you can easily dance with it... Learn More

$75.00 AUD

Cosmic Fan

The Cosmic Fan is definitely a festival must! Your own stylish cooling system! Made with a strong wood, that open and closes swiftly, so you can easily dance with it... Learn More

$75.00 AUD

Comet vegan holster

This practical Comet holster bag is a definition of style and comfort. Made from vegan leather .Sits on the shoulders like a vest,with a racer back and collar. It features... Learn More

$199.00 AUD

Comet holster bag

The practical leather Comet holster bag is a definition of style and comfort. Sits on the shoulders like a vest,with a racer back and collar. It features 2 bags with... Learn More

$289.00 AUD

Cheeky Suspenders

This cheeky waist band was inspired by the sexy suspenders. Made with a combination of stretchy cotton and sheer mesh fabric, and trimmed with satin finish, this accessory is super... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

Gravity holster bag

The Gravity holster bag is your complete set of practical storage, street or festival wear. Made from high quality recycled leather, it features 2 detachable pocket bags connected with an... Learn More

$350.00 AUD

Vortex Swimmers

The Vortex swim wear will make you feel swimmingly beautiful in the sultry summer weather. Crafted with quick-dry lycra, this bikini suit is designed both for a deep in the ocean, or wearing... Learn More

$99.00 AUD

Hand made leather arm bands

This incredible hand made work of art ,is a one off piece as all items are unique and slightly different.All the details in this magnificent arm bands are hand crafted.... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Furiosa leg warmers

These warm leggigns are made from a soft cotton knit weaved with thin metallic threads. Trimmed with an elastic edge to hold them in place,these leg warmers can be worn... Learn More

$35.00 AUD

Cosmic scarf

This unisex light scarf is made from a soft crepe rayon and perfect for a unique addition to any outfit. Being so light makes it the best scarf for the... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

Vegan Medusa belt

Ssss the serpent is with you.. Get wrapped up in this triple tiered studded rubber belt in brass or silver with Large Serpent buckle, By Serpentine wear. Closure with 4... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Serpentine Holster

Beautiful leather holster by Serpentine wear, designed to fit all your essentials, camera, wallet, pasport, smokes etc. Perfect for travelling or festivaling :) keep all your valuables safe and look... Learn More

$288.00 AUD

Punk priestess pocket belt

Gorgeous leather and lace pocket belt .. By Serpentine wear. Tough, sexy but sweet .. two pockets both detachable.. one long, one wide, big enough to fit iPhone, camera, passport,... Learn More

$258.00 AUD

Moon Goddess harness

Prrr dream up the night in this moon goddess harness...By Serpentine wear. Sturdy but soft subtle leather wraps your body up in this gorgeous design... wear over a singlet, dress,... Learn More

$150.00 AUD

Labyrinth Holster

Be bold in this bad ass design... By Serpentine wear. The labyrinth of life.. custom brass hardware .. spunky, strong leather.. Black and brass men's leather holster, pockets can easily... Learn More

$300.00 AUD

Tribal fusion Belt

The Tribal Fusion Belt is made of soft leather, sexy brass studs & hoops that are draped with chains and gorgeous brass feather adornments. This belt is inspired by the... Learn More

$149.00 AUD

Shibari Body jewellery

The ever so sexy Shibari Body Jewellery crafted with soft leather, an adjustable buckle & embellished with brass studs & hoops draped with chains & a brass feather adornment. Available... Learn More

$120.00 AUD

Fetish strap harness Fetish strap harness

Fetish strap harness

The ever so sexy Fetish Strap Harness is crafted with soft leather & embellished with brass studs. This saucy accessory is adjustable with buckles along the chest & down the... Learn More

$120.00 AUD

-$139.00 AUD

Rose pocket belt Rose pocket belt

Rose pocket belt

Beautifully made leather rose bag.This bag is feminine with a gypsy flare to it. Features 2 main pockets with Rose flaps 15 x 10cm.with an extra zipped pocket behind each... Learn More

$120.00 AUD

-$135.00 AUD

Punk shoulder epaulet

Sexy addition to your festival look.Made from faux leather,fringe shoulders that will drape softly. adjustable belts. Will give you that edgy finish to any outfit. Learn More

$49.00 AUD

Multi pocket belt

The classic leather pocket belt. holds all your essentials in one stylish bag. good for a festival as well as for traveling. This bag consists of 2 main pockets -one... Learn More

$129.00 AUD

Leather skin pocket belt

This pocket belt has a real grunge look to it.Its the perfect festival belt. its shape is very flattering and comfortable on the body. Made from excellent quality cow leather,this... Learn More

$120.00 AUD

Hand stitched bag Hand stitched bag

Hand stitched bag

If you are looking for a unique Hand crafted bag that has room for everything -look no more...! This bag is made form an excellent quality goat leather, and has... Learn More

$110.00 AUD

-$179.00 AUD

Cross harness

Elastic Harness. made from a soft stretchy strap. Gives you this extra sexiness.Add flavour to your festival outfit. Features a cross pattern over the chest. Easy and comfortable to wear.... Learn More

$25.00 AUD

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Accessories by Fairy Floss are the perfect way to spice up any outfit. No wardrobe is complete without accessories and the pieces that can be found here are a charming combination of form and function, steamy style and tribal themes. From elaborate belts to bags, you won’t be disappointed by the selection of trimmings here...[ more ]

Stylish leather belts that are influenced by steam-punk fashion as well as tribal themes lend themselves toward creating a unique style for the wearer. Whether you are adding it to an already steamy outfit or are looking to punk up a plain pair of trousers, you will find something here that will please you.

The accessories here use many different textures, colours and fabrics to create wonderful conglomerations of mixed themes. There is nothing boring about the pieces to be found here and they are unique, unlike what you will find anywhere else.




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