Ninja pants

These pants are the classic burner look.! Made with a lightweight washed cotton twill, these pants have everything you need. Featuring slick leather panels, brass studs and lots of pockets.... Learn More

$239.00 AUD

Loki Pants

These are seriously the sexiest track pants on the planet! Cheeky, slick, super comfy and flirtatious are our Loki pants. Featuring leather look patches on different panels, knee zippers and... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Tribal kilt

If you are looking to make a bold fashion statement the Tribal Kilt is for you.  The modern masculine utilitarian look of this garment will make heads turn wherever you... Learn More

$189.00 AUD

Ragnar Pants

Like the man himself our Ragnar pants are versatile, rugged, hard wearing and sexy. These slim fit pants feature a hand knitted leather braiding detail on both sides and have... Learn More

$189.00 AUD

Industri Pants

Inspired by urban-industrial steam-punk these unique ¾ length pants are made from extremely durable heavyweight cotton.  Heavily detailed with pinstripe patches, zips, studs, pockets, washed leather, chains, and zigzag stitching,... Learn More

$169.00 AUD

New Galaxy Pants

Step out in style in our new galaxy pants. Made from a soft heavy weave cotton with our galaxy star print featured on triangular pocket panels on the upper side... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Playa Pants

These steamy & stylish pants have an earthy tribal feel. Made of strong washed canvas, they can be worn day in and day out. With plenty of pocket room, the... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Long Johns

These long Jones are the ultimate in comfortable fun times….. all you need to do is slip em on and yr ready to go. made from a medium weight cotton... Learn More

$185.00 AUD

Wild Clubber Shorts Wild Clubber Shorts

Wild Clubber Shorts

A wild adventure will begin when you put on the Wild Clubber Shorts. Our skinny leg, urban orientated summer style design meets our trademark tribal uniqueness making these certain winners... Learn More

$143.99 AUD

-$179.00 AUD

Low riders

The IDIS Low Riders are a medium weight stretch cotton drill, perfect for summer and between seasons.Constructed with a Mid weight cotton drill that has been individually hand dyed and... Learn More

$117.00 AUD

Rock Star Pants

These legendary pants are going to set the "rock" vibe to full volume, and when you step out in the funky Rock Star Pants - you're going to feel just... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Nature Punk Pants

The Nature Punk Pants follow in the steps of our successful line with a wide, chunky cargo style design. These awesome nature warrior inspired pants are not short of our... Learn More

$179.00 AUD

Street shorts

Strong and durable, the Street Shorts should be a staple piece in every wardrobe.  With 12 handy pockets you'll never be short of a spot to stash your stuff.  Also... Learn More

$149.00 AUD

Beach shorts

Made from Stonewashed lightweight cotton, strong & durable the Beach Shorts are a perfect and practical pair of everyday shorts. These pants are exceptionally comfortable and functional, the tailored details,... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Radioactive Shorts

The Radioactive Shorts are funky, versatile and comfortable. Made from 100% stressed cotton, these shorts are both soft and durable. They feature a a criss crossed messy stitching pattern and... Learn More

$149.00 AUD

Industrial Rock Pants

These good looking pants are easy to wear, and match any style with funk and simplicity! The stitching patterns and stud work are of subtle yet effective detail. A fitting... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Dragon Scale Pants

You will love the feel of these earthy, funky and right for any occasion shorts. These pants are stylish with alternative features an tribal inspired, mystical dragon scale printed panels,... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Cozy Genie Pants

These cozy genie style pants are unlike any other, with a completely unique cut and flattering style, these perfectly tailored pants are carefully stitched together with 100% cotton jersey.          ... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Stretch it pants

Made with soft stretchy fabric the Stretch It Pants allow you to move freely while still looking stylish. Two of the six pockets are equipped with zips to keep your... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Urban harem pants Urban harem pants

Urban harem pants

The Urban Harem Pants are both stylish and trendy in their unique low crotch design.  Embellished with D rings,detachable  suspender straps, utility grommets and contrasting stripes and triangle panels for... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

-$159.00 AUD

Beyond Cargo Pants

These urban, raw pants are durable and a fashion stand out.           The distressed canvas is heavy duty making the Beyond Cargo's a piece you can wear day in day... Learn More

$210.00 AUD

Mens Pants

Men’s Pants by Pixie King feature inimitable styles that are the highest form of alternative fashion and comfort. Drawing from both earthy influences as well as industrial themes, these designs incorporate both practical, functional elements such as large pockets, adjustable waistbands and wide belt loops...[ more ]
Ranging from outdoorsy trousers ready for any adventure to more relaxed lounge wear, these designs make use of detailed stitching, patches and embellishments to distinguish them from the mainstream. From simple patterns that make for slouchy yoga pants to highly studded and decorated pants and shorts, these designs are must haves for any wardrobe.

These designs are like none other on the market, each piece bringing with it the unique style that you’ve come to know and love from Pixie King. Mix and match these pieces with the tops and hoodies that can be found on this sight as well and you will never be at a loss for what to wear. Style versus function is not a problem, as these designs incorporate elements of both, neither at the expense of the other. Whether you’re looking for crazy stitching, simple patterns or zipped and studded pants, you will find what you want in Pixie King designs.




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