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Steam Punk Inspiration...an unforgettable era!

It’s always intriguing what styles and eras inspire us. For the mastermind behind the Fairy Floss and Pixie King designs, Revital Lev has absolutely loved the Steampunk era. So what is Steampunk? Well in three short words its Victorian science fiction. There is no set culture as such but the “Victorian” indicates more of a time frame within the industrialized 19th centuary. If you think about steam-powered, gear-driven and industrialized instruments you’re on the right track. Now combine some punk rock attitude and you’ve got yourself some steampunk vibes.

Let’s see how elements of steampunk can be added using both mechanical and industrial themes along with the romantic Victorian times into everyday wear. Easy enough…for one intelligent designer, yes! By gaining lots of inspiration it is evident with recent collections that the fun Steampunk era has not only been a massive influence but has been incorporated magically into the Fairy Floss and Pixie King range.

Chains, brass studs, zips, ruffles, lace, leather, buckles, corsets have all been embraced. The hard worn look is also achieved giving the industrial look that compliments the many features in the designs that combine past with future of the steampunk theme. The distinguished, sort after range Fairy Floss and Pixie King have on offer follows no fashion rules and the more unique the better. With this sensational shift in deigns, exposure and recognition has been abundant for both the Fairy Floss and Pixie King labels with a rewarding and awesome following throughout the world. But where to next? Not wanting to remain floating in the steampunk era, as impressive as it is, designer Revital Lev is feeling the steampunk inspirations begin to wrap up for both Fairy Floss and Pixie King. Still embracing and loving the punk element, there has been a clear indication that for next Summer Collection there will be a new punk theme of their very own to take us by storm...can't wait!



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