Shaman pants

The unisex Shaman pants are seriously the coolest track pants on the planet! Cheeky, slick, super comfy and low crouch. Featuring lots of pockets in different shapes and forms, and... Learn More


Four point pocket belt

This pocket belt has a real grunge look to it.Its the perfect festival belt. its shape is very flattering and comfortable on the body. Made from excellent quality cow leather,this... Learn More


Freya Top

Nordic Viking style is the inspiration for the Freya top. Long sleeved while flattering the curves,this top is a winter must. Featuring a cowl neck hood, and a segment of... Learn More


Odin Vest

With its distinctive Viking flavor the Odin vest is durable and hard wearing. Made from 100% cotton this double lined vest will keep you warm even on the longest winters... Learn More


Lara leather pocket belt

This gorgeous pocket belt has some secrets in it..  Made from excellent quality cow leather,this belt will last the test of time. Features 3 main pockets -two zipped and a... Learn More


Cozy Trench

The Cozy Trench coat is comfy, flowy and warm, made from 100% cotton melange stretchy soft fabric. Feels like being at home, and looks like glamour at ease. Its long... Learn More


Branch Out Top

          Earthy, organic and tree elf-inspired, the Branch Out Top is a nature-lovers must-have. This simple top is made of the softest blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex and... Learn More


Pirate suspenders

The Pirate suspenders are a statement of attitude and style. Made from recycled cow leather, those suspenders are adjustable and made to hook on any belt loops. The back has... Learn More


Playa Pants

These steamy & stylish pants have an earthy tribal feel. Made of strong washed canvas, they can be worn day in and day out. With plenty of pocket room, the... Learn More


Cheeky Suspenders

This cheeky waist band was inspired by the sexy suspenders. Made with a combination of stretchy cotton and sheer mesh fabric, and trimmed with satin finish, this accessory is super... Learn More


Gravity holster bag

The Gravity holster bag is your complete set of practical storage, street or festival wear. Made from high quality recycled leather, it features 2 detachable pocket bags connected with an... Learn More


City Punk Vest

The City Punk Vest brings both a touch of class and a touch of steampunk.  Made from durable cotton, lined with a thin soft cotton featuring an original print and... Learn More


Vegan Shakti belt

After many requests -we made it from Vegan leather! This gypsy belt is the ultimate tribal belt with its draped rustic copper chains, studs & eyelets. Made from a soft... Learn More


Aligned leather pocket belt

If you are looking for a practical,easy to wear belt that goes with everyting - the Aligned belt is for you!  Made from excellent quality cow leather,this belt will last... Learn More


Ornamental pocket belt

The Ornamental pocket belt is designed to be a piece of art to ornament your outfit,while being super practical. Made from excellent quality cow leather,this belt will last the test... Learn More


Ninja pants

These pants are the classic burner look.! Made with a lightweight washed cotton twill, these pants have everything you need. Featuring slick leather panels, brass studs and lots of pockets.... Learn More


Playa Neck Warmer

An awesome twist on a scarf, the funky Playa Neck Warmer is a must have with it's simple design. Impressively comfortable this accessory will keep you warm without being too... Learn More


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