Temple dress

The Temple dress is an extremely comfortable draped dress. The deliciously soft material flows over the curves of the body. A deep neck line trimmed with a cut contrasting strap,... Learn More


Royal Fairy dress

The Royal Fairy Dress was inspired by a wedding pixie dress. It has an intricate, intelligent design that is impressive,stunning, and really has the "wow" factor.           This dress is created... Learn More


Layered Leggings

The Layered leggings are a unique must have for any dancer, shaker,practitioner or yogi. The stretchy lace panel, reveals some skin on the legs, while the top double panel skirt... Learn More


Layered Shkirt

Is it a skirt? is it shorts? Its a Shkirt..! This gorgeous number is a great summer sexy skirt with shorts underneath. All super stretchy and comfortable. The shorts are... Learn More


Freedom top

Feel free in this great cut summer top! This simple yet stylish design is versatile for any occasion, be it dancing ,yoga or a balmy summers night out. Made from... Learn More


Slashed top

The Slashed top is a simple yet stylish design. The slashed panels working with the curves of the body, making for an edgy sexy look. Longer length on the back... Learn More


Double Conch Top

This super-sexy top is a wardrobe addition perfect for tribal raves and forest gatherings. Made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex, this stretch top fits and flatters curves.            The... Learn More


Serpent Shirt

           The super stylish serpent shirt is a tailored, sleeveless, lightweight design printed with an organic serpent pattern on the fabric. It will keep you cool and looking hot, and... Learn More


Warrior Lap Lap

The Warrior Lap Lap  is the ultimate pull on steamy skirt this summer where you will feel sexy power in every step of your warrior stance. The design of the... Learn More


Bewitched Tights

We all love tights and you canʼt get more funky than the bewitched tights! The cozy fabric is soft and stretchy, and adorned with a mix of nature inspired and... Learn More


Proto Punk Skirt

Edgy and complex, the Proto Punk Skirt is a unique addition to any fashion-forward, steampunk enthusiast’s closet. This skirt features a pinstripe pattern laid over a layer of gauzy ruffles.... Learn More


Leather Gauntlet

  Complete the Viking look with these leather arm cuffs. With adjustable press studs for ease of wearing, this soft leather accessory can go on your bare skin or on... Learn More


Feather Tee

We all love that awesome comfy tee that can be worn to any festival, party, night out, catching up with mates or heading out on a stroll through the forest... Learn More


Cosmic Tunic

Ethereal and inspired by the cosmos, the Cosmic Tunic has a subtle starry print and a classic tunic shape. The full stretch of this dress is made up from a... Learn More


Hexagonal Kimono

The Hexagonal Kimono is a welcome addition to any contemporary stylish wardrobe. Made form a flowey thin rayon crepe mixed with linen raw straps, this kimono is a great summer... Learn More


Steam Goth Dress

The Steam Goth Dress has an intricate, intelligent design that is impressive and stunning, and really has the "wow" factor.           This dress is created to praise your figure and comfortably... Learn More


Lara crop top

Look hot this Summer in the the Lara crop top!  This unique design is pure sexy funk. Made from a stretch cotton mixed with frayed linen straps. The Lara crop... Learn More


Avalon Top

Dark and magical, this medieval-inspired top is ornate and beautifully styled. The rayon material is blended from 92% viscose and 8% spandex for a soft, stretchy fit around all the... Learn More


Cyber Goth Vest

          No top is tougher or sexier than our gorgeous, best-selling Cyber Goth vest. The 95% cotton and 5% spandex provides a little stretch and a curve-hugging fit, making it... Learn More


Playa Neck Warmer

An awesome twist on a scarf, the funky Playa Neck Warmer is a must have with it's simple design. Impressively comfortable this accessory will keep you warm without being too... Learn More


Shaman pants

The unisex Shaman pants are seriously the coolest track pants on the planet! Cheeky, slick, super comfy and low crouch. Featuring lots of pockets in different shapes and forms, and... Learn More