Vixen Leather Bolero

A faultless, sexy piece of art, the Vixen Leather Bolero will truly live up to its name. This fascinating creation has strong tribal influence with a complimentary edgy rock vibe,... Learn More

$349.00 AUD

Yantra Tights

You won't find a pair of tights with such funky finesse! Creatively printed across the leg is layered yantra and mandala inspired artwork, printed in a blend of earth tones... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Digital Samurai top

The digital samurai top is a cozy hoodie built for comfort, perfect for the man on the move, extra long in the body keeping the lower back covered and warm,... Learn More

$129.00 AUD

Desert Flower Pullover

The Desert Flower Pullover is beautiful and comfy design packed to the brim with style, comfort and warmth. Its unique impressive features make this pullover a stand out on those... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Prophecy Coat

Every which way the Prophecy Coat is looked upon it boasts spectacular design and features. From its brass studs to lace up back, combining a blend of tribal with elements... Learn More

$239.00 AUD

Vixen Bolero

There are always two sides to every story and in this case the Vixen Bolero compliments her leather sister in astonishing form. Designed in lycra cotton, this gorgeous bolero is... Learn More

$210.00 AUD

Alva Skirt

Dress up like a Viking goddess !           This skirt is reminiscent of days of old; classy, raw and feminine. This hard wearing wrap skirt is made from a combination... Learn More

$149.00 AUD

Freja Vest

This Gorgeous Serpentine warm fur collared vest.. Made with sturdy thick twill and lined with soft cotton, its adorned with brass accents and four pockets two of which zip up... Learn More
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Tribal Knight Vest

This very steamy vest is one of a kind, washed stressed with leather trimming. Double pockets and leather straps all made in soft wavy like lines. Lined with fleece this... Learn More

$239.00 AUD

Steam Glider Jacket

Funky, tribal and detailed, this fun jacket is meant to keep you warm and express a unique sense of style. This warm and cozy hoody has a fleece lining all... Learn More

$179.00 AUD

Sphere vest

The Sphere Vest is one hot number! The cut of this vest gives you that slick feminine, super cool look with a steamy sexy style. Cleverly stitched together, this vest... Learn More

$189.00 AUD

Aladdin Pants

          Letʼs ride on our magic carpet over the heat of the desert in these outrageously, stylish and comfortable pants. The Aladdin Pants are so unique in their design that... Learn More
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Temptress Top

Seductive and beautiful, the Temptress Top shows just enough to add allure but keeps enough mystery for elegance. Made of 95% viscose and 5% spandex, this soft, lightweight top features... Learn More

$110.00 AUD

Zen hoody -M

The Zen hoodie is a unisex open hoody. Compliments any look to ninja perfection. Made from a 100% cotton knitted fleece, this hoodie has an opened front, extra large pockets... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Zen Hoody -W

The Zen hoodie is a unisex open hoody. Compliments and look to ninja perfection. Made from a 100% cotton knitted fleece, this hoodie has an opened front, extra large pockets... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

City Punk Vest

The City Punk Vest brings both a touch of class and a touch of steampunk.  Made from durable cotton, lined with a thin soft cotton featuring an original print and... Learn More

$179.00 AUD

Cozy Genie Pants

These cozy genie style pants are unlike any other, with a completely unique cut and flattering style, these perfectly tailored pants are carefully stitched together with 100% cotton jersey.          ... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Genie pants

          Enjoy steamy Arabian nights in the artfully crafted Genie Pants with their completely unique cut and flattering style. The genie pants feature a strong waistband with two brass push... Learn More

$130.00 AUD

Leather Skin Skirt

The Leather Skin Skirt is an awe inspiring, whimsical design that is ready to captivate with its mystic. Inspired by the strength and solidarity of nature power, this has been... Learn More

$269.00 AUD

Hand made double pocket leather belt

This incredible hand made work of art ,is a one off piece, as all items are unique and slightly different.This pocket belt features 2 zipped up front pockets ,a top... Learn More

$489.00 AUD

Hand made leather pouch

This incredible hand made work of art ,is a one off piece as all items are unique and slightly different.The pouch features a zipped up single pocket and a belt... Learn More

$189.00 AUD

layered leather pocket belt

This incredible hand made work of art ,is a one off piece as all items are unique and slightly different.The layered bag/pocket belt is a combination of a bag with... Learn More

$679.00 AUD

Nightwalker Tights

          The Night walker tights are for those who like to live life on the edge. Made from stretch material of 90% rayon and 10% Lycra. The night walker rights... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Ninja pants

These pants are the classic burner look.! Made with a lightweight washed cotton twill, these pants have everything you need. Featuring slick leather panels, brass studs and lots of pockets.... Learn More

$239.00 AUD

Ninja scood

This will fast become a well loved item this winter! Made from a knitted cotton a generous hood to keep your head warm and 3 "scarf" layers to keep your... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Moon Goddess harness

Prrr dream up the night in this moon goddess harness...By Serpentine wear. Sturdy but soft subtle leather wraps your body up in this gorgeous design... wear over a singlet, dress,... Learn More

$150.00 AUD

Punk priestess pocket belt

Gorgeous leather and lace pocket belt .. By Serpentine wear. Tough, sexy but sweet .. two pockets both detachable.. one long, one wide, big enough to fit iPhone, camera, passport,... Learn More

$258.00 AUD

Serpentine Holster

Beautiful leather holster by Serpentine wear, designed to fit all your essentials, camera, wallet, pasport, smokes etc. Perfect for travelling or festivaling :) keep all your valuables safe and look... Learn More

$288.00 AUD

Vegan Medusa belt

Ssss the serpent is with you.. Get wrapped up in this triple tiered studded rubber belt in brass or silver with Large Serpent buckle, By Serpentine wear. Closure with 4... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

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