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Ease the transition into the chilly months with our assortment of warm and cozy, yet totally styling long tops. For the eclectic and funky, these tops feature all the fun details you can come to expect from Fairy Floss clothing. We have plenty of different tops to suit different styles. If your style is punky and edgy, our basic tops have fun details like lace-up elements, tribal patterned screens and lace and ruffles, turning a basic top into something with a little more excitement... [ more ]If your are inspired by the natural wonders and seek an enchanted forest style, there are plenty of natural, pixie-inspired and leafy tops. Cross stitched panels and punch out details, straps, gathers and pulls, pixie points and natural, organic screens help create a unique feel to all of our nature-inspired shirts. >Our tops are created to fit and flatter. The stretch shirts hug curves but hold their shape nicely. Shirts with a little extra room drape elegantly, making you feel and look like a goddess. There are a number of basic tops that look great layered on and accessorized. Off-shoulder or scoop neck, these flattering silhouettes and the basics every closet needs. Unlike basics you may find at other stores, these will not fall apart after wearing them a few times. If you are tired of throwing money down the drain by buying styles that just aren’t built to last, try some Fairy Floss clothing. We use the softest fabrics around and have numerous cotton blends that are cozy, but strong.  Made from fine materials and careful stitching, these shirts will last long and look great


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