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Keep warm without losing a bit of your unique, eclectic style. Our jackets are cold-weather ready without looking too frumpy or losing the style that is so individually you.

We carry a number of steampunk-inspired neo-classical jackets. With lace-ups, frills, bustles and ruffles, and clockwork appliques, these jackets draw on industrial themes but provide a modern twist. A number of jackets feature a few buttons and cut-away style for a midriff-baring look that is sexy and current..[ more ]

We also have forest-inspired styles for the earth-goddess. Jackets and vests have fine, natural details for a style that is organic and free.

Stay warm but look sharp in our selection of jackets and vests. The cold months need not stifle your creative fashions any longer. These jackets are feminine and ladylike, earthy, industrial and edgy. Whatever best expresses you, we have something to suit.

Our clothes are made of durable materials and hearty, strong construction. We do not create mass-produced clothing that will fall apart. These jackets will last through a tough winter and will come out on the other side looking just as great as ever. Heavy cottons and thick viscose blends keep the cold air out and keep you feeling warm and snug inside. Wrap yourself in luxury in one of these inspired jackets.




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