Feather Tee

We all love that awesome comfy tee that can be worn to any festival, party, night out, catching up with mates or heading out on a stroll through the forest... Learn More


Serpent Shirt

           The super stylish serpent shirt is a tailored, sleeveless, lightweight design printed with an organic serpent pattern on the fabric. It will keep you cool and looking hot, and... Learn More


Dancing tiger shirt

**LIMITED EDITION** This funky shirt is for the dancing tigers out there..  With its striking print, this light weight shirt, feels light and cool on your skin. A sleeveless cut,... Learn More


Cosmic Player Shirt

The party player shirt of the season. Cotton retro styling with cosmic print, jersey trim, wooden buttons and adjustable sleeves. *100% Cotton Learn More


Mystic Singlet - Flower of Life

  The Flower of life is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings. The sacred geometry wonder is printed all over the front and back... Learn More


Mystic Singlet - Branch Out

  Printed with Tree branches that hug the torso from front to back, this top has an earthy, tribal look. Our mystic singlets been worn and loved over the years... Learn More


Vortex tee

casual and comfortable, the Vortex tee it truly unique. Made from a soft light cotton, its visually appealing with our original Hexagon print. Sleeves are folded to a sexy half... Learn More


City Punk Vest

The City Punk Vest brings both a touch of class and a touch of steampunk.  Made from durable cotton, lined with a thin soft cotton featuring an original print and... Learn More


Gypsy shirt

  **LIMITED EDITION** The Gypsy shirt has that casual smart look about it. A sleeveless cut,made from light weight cotton, this shirt has a tribal gypsy print that makes it... Learn More


Wildling Shirt

Feel the raw power of the tiger and bird coming together in this super cool and stylish dress shirt. Every summer there's a hunt for that hot dressy shirt that's... Learn More


Jungle tank top

Constructed with Abstract limited edition print, the Jungle tank top is a summer must. The low cut arm holes ensure sweet summer breeze on your skin to keep you feeling... Learn More


Conscious Outlaw Tee

The Conscious outlaw Tee is a statement of the peaceful warrior. Simple and clear, comfy yet edgy. Made from a soft light cotton,and sexy folded half length sleeves.  Perfect for... Learn More


Sacred Warrior Top

This top is ideal for summer. Comfortable breathable cotton material featuring a patterned flower of life design on the front and back, and a unique cut-out shape on the linen... Learn More


Moth Spine Top

          This raw earthy firm fitted singlet features on the whole back a stunning powerful detailed print of a moths spine art creation, followed by one crawling over the shoulder... Learn More


Geometric T-shirt -Flower of Life

Captivating and enchanting is the Geometric T-shirt featuring an all over sacred geometry flower of life print.  Made from soft comfortable washed cotton this classic t-shirt is suitable for any... Learn More


Mystic Singlet - Tree Trunk

Made from a close up tree trunk image –this all over print is earthy, and enchanting. Our mystic singlets been worn and loved over the years as their cut and... Learn More


Dragon Scale Top

Feel the power of this mystical top, with the right amount of raw tribal edge and loose fitting comfort, you’ve found it all in this design. Inspired by its name,... Learn More


Free Spirit Top

This comfortable tight fitting singlet explodes with a powerful print giving the Free Spirit Top a stylish simple look, that you're going to love.           Feel the power of the... Learn More


Ziggi star top

For the casual rock god. Soft jersey adorned with our Ziggy rock star print, metal stud detailing and funky edging. *100% Cotton Learn More


Spear Shirt

The Spear Shirt is going to be your choice of dress shirts this summer with its exciting mix of elements. Its stylish design has thrown industrial, steam punk and tribal... Learn More


Star Gaze T Shirt

The Star Gaze t-shirt is where a comfy T meets a visually striking print giving it that eclectic edge. Stars are always a favorite and are featured within this geometric... Learn More


Hazard Tee Hazard Tee

Hazard Tee

The hazard tee is this seasons perfect comfy t-shirt in a unique design, that makes you stand out from the crowd.           Made from Rayon to keep you cool, while... Learn More