Our vision

The decision to live in the hills of Mullumbimby Australia, a place where respect to nature is evident in so many aspects, is a big part of who we are.

Working in Bali, where tradition, family, and creativity are an integral part of living, was the main reason we chose to manufacture there.

As a people and planet focused business, we know that pursuing a vision of low impact fashion is only possible with the support of a village. We also know that creating change takes motivation, inspiration, and hard work…

We support the slow fashion movement by creating small unique collections each season. The emphasis is more on the details, craftsmanship, and durability rather than trend and price point. Quality over Quantity.


We work with a talented passionate Balinese family for almost 20 years now. Our connection is at the base of our business. We rely on our people as much as they are relying on us. Their well being and goals are an important link to our business.

Our people are treated with respect and dignity at all times. They are the fabric of our business .

Our factory is a safe and healthy place to work in.

Our makers are paid above minimum legal wage, including overtime premiums.

Our people believe in what we do and work towards our collective goals.

We feel truly blessed to work with such high integrity talented people.

Fairy Floss would not be where it is now without our amazing relationship.



We use natural fibers such as cotton and bamboo, and leather that is sourced from ethical suppliers, recycled when possible.

We always used recycled paper bags and business cards in our shops, and since last year we stopped using plastic completely in our factory too.

To pack our production we use biodegradable compostable bags made from cassava starch.

We hand and send our products in our special raw cotton bags, that you can reuse when shopping for groceries.

Sustainability is achieved when the well being of the planet and its people are at the forefront of every decision. 

We are committed to making significant changes to our production and manufacturing process now and into the future. We have one planet and it is our collective job to do what we can to contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.



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