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Pixie King is the label designed for men and combines the themes of earthy and tribal influences with the industrial, mechanical steam punk era creating an edgy style.

These designs are the highest form of alternative fashion for men and merge and combine the practical with the functional. The unique designs means you will not find anything else quite like it making the pieces of the Pixie King collection both irreplaceable and excellent additions to one’s wardrobe.[ more ]

Bringing unique style this vast collection of awesome threads explores and incorporates geometric and tribal prints, brass studs, chains and eyelets, zippers, stitch work, leather and pockets!
With the use of comfort totally in mind the designs offer every man something in his style; if it’s a tank top or a collared shirt, a long sleeve top with or without a hoody , pants, a jacket – it’s all been covered.

The Pixie King collection offers men a range that is completely unique, tough, durable and comfortable and is highly sought after and regarded all over the world.


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