Tribal Knight Vest

This very steamy vest is one of a kind, washed stressed with leather trimming. Double pockets and leather straps all made in soft wavy like lines. Lined with fleece this... Learn More

$239.00 AUD

Ragnar Pants

Like the man himself our Ragnar pants are versatile, rugged, hard wearing and sexy. These slim fit pants feature a hand knitted leather braiding detail on both sides and have... Learn More

$189.00 AUD

Fjord Hoody

Get the authentic Viking look with a modern edge in our Fjord Hoodie.           This cozy hoody zips up the front with hand stitching details running parallel on each side... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Thor Top

As the name suggests you too will look like a Nordic God in our Thor top. This long sleeved top is made from a warm textured fabric. It features metal... Learn More

$129.00 AUD

Mirage Top

Become entranced as you would the seeing a mirage in the desert with the super comfortable Mirage Top. It's awesome soft fabric is so comfy that once you have it... Learn More

$99.00 AUD

Atlantic Shirt Atlantic Shirt

Atlantic Shirt

Made form soft light weight fabric & printed with our original tide line print, the easy wear Atlantic Shirt is comfortable and versatile. Adorn with original wooden buttons,you can wear... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

-$89.00 AUD

Men Long neck top

The IDIS Mens long Neck top. Constructed from a double knit cotton, it features an over sized neck which can be worn up as a hood, or folded down as... Learn More

$145.00 AUD

Trident Shirt

The stylish Trident Top is the collared shirt that will power out all the rest with attention to detail characteristics, bringing this top to the central focal point every time.... Learn More

$129.00 AUD

Viking Jacket

          This burning man inspired and extremely versatile hooded jacket can become a combination of few different warrior man outfits. The Jacket has a carved dragon scale effect down the... Learn More

$369.00 AUD

Cozy Pullover

This top is seriously comfy and is every guys favorite whatever the season. The Cozy Pullover is made from a beautiful soft knitted cotton and its intense comfort factor can... Learn More

$120.00 AUD

Low riders

The IDIS Low Riders are a medium weight stretch cotton drill, perfect for summer and between seasons.Constructed with a Mid weight cotton drill that has been individually hand dyed and... Learn More

$117.00 AUD

Rock Star Pants

These legendary pants are going to set the "rock" vibe to full volume, and when you step out in the funky Rock Star Pants - you're going to feel just... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Odin Vest

With its distinctive Viking flavor the Odin vest is durable and hard wearing. Made from 100% cotton this double lined vest will keep you warm even on the longest winters... Learn More

$269.00 AUD

Long Johns

These long Jones are the ultimate in comfortable fun times….. all you need to do is slip em on and yr ready to go. made from a medium weight cotton... Learn More

$185.00 AUD

Wildling Shirt

Feel the raw power of the tiger and bird coming together in this super cool and stylish dress shirt. Every summer there's a hunt for that hot dressy shirt that's... Learn More

$99.00 AUD

D Texture Tshirt

The IDIS D Textured T.This Fitted men's t'shirt is constructed from a light weight cotton Jersey and screen printed in layers with the IDIS original D Textured design.Designer clothing that... Learn More

$66.00 AUD

Stretch it pants

Made with soft stretchy fabric the Stretch It Pants allow you to move freely while still looking stylish. Two of the six pockets are equipped with zips to keep your... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Mystic Singlet - Flower of Life

  The Flower of life is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings. The sacred geometry wonder is printed all over the front and back... Learn More

$49.00 AUD

Submerged top Submerged top

Submerged top

Constructed with soft comfortable fabric & printed with our original tide line print the Submerged Top is perfect for those warm spring & hot summer days. This top has low... Learn More

$72.00 AUD

-$89.00 AUD

Beach shorts

Made from Stonewashed lightweight cotton, strong & durable the Beach Shorts are a perfect and practical pair of everyday shorts. These pants are exceptionally comfortable and functional, the tailored details,... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Underground top Underground top

Underground top

Constructed with sheer mesh fabric printed with our original python scale print & a racy stripe down the back the Underground Top is perfect for the hot summer weather. The... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

-$75.00 AUD

Tank top

IDIS Tank. Constructed from a light weight Rayon Jersey. Each piece is hand dyed or printed individually giving the textured look – meaning slight variations occur and that each piece... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

Scapes Tee

Simple and stylish, the Scapes Tee will jazz up any outfit.  Made from super soft fabric for superior comfort and featuring slashes across the fabric for an urban edge.  This... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

Hand made leather belt

This incredible hand made work of art ,is a one off piece as all items are unique and slightly different.The profoundly detailed leather belt is a stylish statement for any... Learn More

$320.00 AUD

Hazard Tee Hazard Tee

Hazard Tee

The hazard tee is this seasons perfect comfy t-shirt in a unique design, that makes you stand out from the crowd.           Made from Rayon to keep you cool, while... Learn More

$49.00 AUD

-$69.00 AUD

Reconstructed Top Reconstructed Top

Reconstructed Top

The Reconstructed top is edgy while being ultra comfortable on those sultry summer days. It has a subtle print on top of the base color and features an angled patch... Learn More

$65.00 AUD

-$89.00 AUD

Nuclear Shirt

Looking cool on sultry summer nights is a breeze in our Nuclear Shirt.           Designer detailed, this sleeveless shirt is made from 100% lightweight Rayon. It features funky angular patchwork... Learn More

$99.00 AUD

Radioactive Shorts

The Radioactive Shorts are funky, versatile and comfortable. Made from 100% stressed cotton, these shorts are both soft and durable. They feature a a criss crossed messy stitching pattern and... Learn More

$149.00 AUD

Mystic Singlet - Tree Trunk

Made from a close up tree trunk image –this all over print is earthy, and enchanting. Our mystic singlets been worn and loved over the years as their cut and... Learn More

$49.00 AUD

Mystic Singlet - Branch Out

  Printed with Tree branches that hug the torso from front to back, this top has an earthy, tribal look. Our mystic singlets been worn and loved over the years... Learn More

$49.00 AUD

Dragon Scale Top

Feel the power of this mystical top, with the right amount of raw tribal edge and loose fitting comfort, you’ve found it all in this design. Inspired by its name,... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

Moth Spine Top

          This raw earthy firm fitted singlet features on the whole back a stunning powerful detailed print of a moths spine art creation, followed by one crawling over the shoulder... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

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Pixie King is the label designed for men and combines the themes of earthy and tribal influences with the industrial, mechanical steam punk era creating an edgy style.

These designs are the highest form of alternative fashion for men and merge and combine the practical with the functional. The unique designs means you will not find anything else quite like it making the pieces of the Pixie King collection both irreplaceable and excellent additions to one’s wardrobe.[ more ]

Bringing unique style this vast collection of awesome threads explores and incorporates geometric and tribal prints, brass studs, chains and eyelets, zippers, stitch work, leather and pockets!
With the use of comfort totally in mind the designs offer every man something in his style; if it’s a tank top or a collared shirt, a long sleeve top with or without a hoody , pants, a jacket – it’s all been covered.

The Pixie King collection offers men a range that is completely unique, tough, durable and comfortable and is highly sought after and regarded all over the world.




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