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Who wears Pixie King Men's Streetwear? (Apart from you of course!)

We see lots of Streetwear labels worn by big stars as part of promotional deals. Rappers especially, with clothing sponsorships sometimes netting more profits to the musician than music sales which is pretty mad.


As a boutique label we don’t have any official band sponsorships… at least not ones where we are sending the band millions of dollars to wear our threads!


Some of the musos that do wear our clothes voluntarily include:-


The Crooked Fiddle Band


These guys play a fusion of folk and dance which is both haunting in its creation an captivating in its delivery. Big use of strings as expected by the name – these guys are musicians in a world where music has become more about you twerking than your playing. They are prolific, seemingly always touring and recording, see their website for recent news.


Amir Pais
Prior to the release of his debut Album, Amir was perhaps best known for his part in the Israeli world music band Sheva. Always surrounded by some of the world’s most talented musicians, Amir is the living, breathing singing, definition of a quintessential singing story teller.


udi ben knaan
Another of our favorite musicians, not just because of the quality of his playing but because he also manages to fuse the ancient with the modern, skilled in the craft of playing ancient string instruments such as as the Afghani Rebab… but equally at home on almost any stringed, strummable instrument. Also a former Sheva band member., now a part of http://www.madboojahproject.com/


Andy Holm
Came to the attention of the Australian public outside of the tribal/world music scene when he peformed on Australia’s got talent. Another prolific performer and recorder with many albums under his belt prior to his “overnight success and discovery” by mainstream music television. Watch his performance here Andy Holm Australia's got Talent and Andy Holm - Australia's Got Talent 2012 - Semi Finals


Crowd reaction is priceless, going from "Whattha?!?" to "Wow this guy is AWESOME!"


Ben Kelly
Soulful, blues and rootsy… Ben is a master of the making his guitar appear almost a backup singer to his melodic voice. A haunting delight to the senses.


If you are a big name musician wearing Pixie King even though you have an exclusive deal with Nike... that's OK.... we'll keep your secret just join our newsletter and we will send you updates of our new ranges. :)


There must be hundreds more…. Over the years we have had so many musicians walk through our doors. Did we miss you?


Let us know ebmaster@fairyflossbyron.com



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