POST APOCALYPTIC MADNESS - our newest collection
We are so excited to bring to our Tribe the latest in our creative workings... Our newest collective was inspired by the Brave, the Wild, the Strong & the Beautiful.  Barren wastelands are shrouded with smoke, desolate callings Beckon...the Beat kicks & stirs within us, Pounding through our chests...the sky Cracks & the universe Screams!oblivion Swallows us whole & it feels Good. Featuring an earthy colour palette, dangerously cool post apocalyptic vibed prints & sexy, flattering designs ideal for long days spent dancing in the dust - our latest collection includes both ...
First Look: Vikings
Here's your very first look at our photoshoot for our 2016 winter line, inspired by vikings. Vikings were Germanic Norse sea warriors, who traded and raided villages all around the world (with a home base in Scandinavia); their seafaring skills meant that some ships managed to get as far as Asia and America. For a comprehensive introduction to Vikings and their culture, check out this link. We were inspired by everything from their language to their farming practices.  
Visionary Art: An Introduction
(written by Jo Murphy, originally published in InJoy Mag) What is Visionary Art?   Alex Grey, one of the most preeminent contemporary visionary artists, describes visionary art as artwork which encourages the development of inner sight; which embraces the spaces of the imagination, or the “visionary realm…we visit during dreams and altered or heightened states of consciousness”. He traces its lineage as far back as cave paintings of animal human hybrids, tracing it through early shamanic art, Christian mysticism in the Renaissance, and through to Frida Kahlo, surrealism, abstract art, fanta...
Fairy Floss and Friends: Now and Then
We were going through our old photos, and found some fantastic old shots of  us, the Feather Tribe and our favorite photographer Donatella...time might have changed our hair and our clothes, but we still have just as much fun!    
Collaborative Shoot with Alea Rain, Hazel and Herb, Ayla Nereo and Pretty Soul Makeup
We trekked into the rainforest at Whian Whian with local producer Jo Murphy to capture some photo and video footage of Californian goddess Alea Rain wearing our designs (with makeup by Pretty Soul Makeup, tunes by Ayla Nereo, and photography by River Hazel of Hazel and Herb). Here's some of the magic.


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