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POST APOCALYPTIC MADNESS - our newest collection

by Oscar Crosara

First Look: Vikings

by Oscar Crosara

Visionary Art: An Introduction

by Oscar Crosara

Fairy Floss and Friends: Now and Then

by Oscar Crosara

Collaborative Shoot with Alea Rain, Hazel and Herb, Ayla Nereo and Pretty Soul Makeup

by Oscar Crosara

  • POST APOCALYPTIC MADNESS - our newest collection

    We are so excited to bring to our Tribe the latest in our creative workings... Our newest collective was inspired by the Brave, the Wild, the Strong & the Beautiful.  Barren wastelands are shrouded with smoke, desolate callings Beckon...the Beat kicks & stirs within us, Pounding through o...
  • First Look: Vikings

    Here's your very first look at our photoshoot for our 2016 winter line, inspired by vikings. Vikings were Germanic Norse sea warriors, who traded and raided villages all around the world (with a home base in Scandinavia); their seafaring skills meant that some ships managed to get as far as Asia ...
  • Visionary Art: An Introduction

    (written by Jo Murphy, originally published in InJoy Mag) What is Visionary Art?   Alex Grey, one of the most preeminent contemporary visionary artists, describes visionary art as artwork which encourages the development of inner sight; which embraces the spaces of the imagination, or the “vision...
  • Fairy Floss and Friends: Now and Then

    We were going through our old photos, and found some fantastic old shots of  us, the Feather Tribe and our favorite photographer Donatella...time might have changed our hair and our clothes, but we still have just as much fun!    
  • Collaborative Shoot with Alea Rain, Hazel and Herb, Ayla Nereo and Pretty Soul Makeup

    We trekked into the rainforest at Whian Whian with local producer Jo Murphy to capture some photo and video footage of Californian goddess Alea Rain wearing our designs (with makeup by Pretty Soul Makeup, tunes by Ayla Nereo, and photography by River Hazel of Hazel and Herb). Here's some of the ...
  • Graduation Dresses from Fairy Floss

    Graduation is an important moment, when you step out of school or university and into a new stage of your adventure. And for girls graduating, the outfit - usually, the dress - is everything. If you're in the United States or graduating with a PhD, you want something that is going to match your r...
  • Fairy Floss at Earth Frequency Festival 2016

    We had another great year at Earth Frequency Festival; we're so proud to be long time stallholders and sponsors of this great festival.   Earth Frequency is one of our all time favorite festivals, with something for everyone - whether you want to rave all night to psytrance or take your kids aw...
  • A Fairy Floss Rainbow

    We have some gorgeous black and white pieces, but there's no denying it: we love colour. From vibrant rose reds to luminous peacock blue, there's something for everyone.   There are a lot of studies showing that colour can affect your mood. Wearing red is said to make you feel more confident; g...
  • Hoopers Love Fairy Floss

    Hoopers love Fairy Floss! Good hooping wear is durable, funky, and comfortable all at the same time - so Fairy Floss and hoopers are a match made in heaven.   Here's some snaps of hoop goddesses rocking our designs. Triple hoops in our Treasure Chest Vest and Diesel Shorts. Happy hoopy...
  • Men's Fashion Week

    The second "New York Fashion Week: Men's" has recently come to a close, and the huge level of interest has been attributed to men taking a greater interest in how they present themselves to the world. From baseball caps to high end wear, the event had something  for everyone - really cementing th...
  • The St Kilda Twilight Market

    We've seen a lot of people wearing our clothes at these markets in previous years, so we decided we ought to come along and check out the fun!   The O'Donnell Gardens are one of St Kilda's prime spots (next to Luna Park), and it's so great to see so many people coming together to appreciate the...
  • Curvy Fashion in the Workplace

    While many jobs now give us a greater degree of freedom in what we wear, there's still the expectation that your clothes will be neat and conservative...which is hard when your personality is better suited to alternative, funky statement pieces! While the Fairy Floss range is primarily designed t...


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