Royal Fairy dress

The Royal Fairy Dress was inspired by a wedding pixie dress. It has an intricate, intelligent design that is impressive,stunning, and really has the "wow" factor.           This dress is created... Learn More


Temple dress

The Temple dress is an extremely comfortable draped dress. The deliciously soft material flows over the curves of the body. A deep neck line trimmed with a cut contrasting strap,... Learn More


Galactic tribe dress

 Be at one with your divine inner nature, dance the summer heat away and channel your goddess power in the stunning Galactic tribe dressWith its stunning swirling beauty and light but... Learn More


Steam Goth Dress

The Steam Goth Dress has an intricate, intelligent design that is impressive and stunning, and really has the "wow" factor.           This dress is created to praise your figure and comfortably... Learn More


Cosmic Tunic

Ethereal and inspired by the cosmos, the Cosmic Tunic has a subtle starry print and a classic tunic shape. The full stretch of this dress is made up from a... Learn More


Wicked siren dress

Bring out your wickedly playful side with this simple yet seductive and elegant dress. Incredibly comfortable, the Wicked Siren dress is crafted with quick drying fabric perfect for dancing under... Learn More


Serpent Dress

Introducing the Serpent Dress, with its exotic and enticing serpent print, feel like a goddess in this heavenly and alluring dress. Cut on the Bias, the serpent print fabric falls,... Learn More


Shimmer skin tunic

This incredibly comfortable Shimmer Skin Dress is fabricated with the softest, slinky light-weight lycra. A sexy little number is perfect for hot festive summer days or can be worn to... Learn More


Unity tunic

The Unity tunic is a basic must have in any wardrobe.Made from thin stretchy rayon, it features a razor back cut, gatherings on the front and an a-symetric hem. Wear... Learn More


Solace Tunic

The Solace top is an extremely comfortable draped top that can easily be worn as a dress.  The deliciously soft material flows over the curves of the body. A large... Learn More


Climate change dress

The Climate Change Dress is made of sheer fabric with our original python scale print. This beautiful dress is adorned with a fine mesh scooped back and brass studded ribbon... Learn More


Submerged top Submerged top

Submerged top

Constructed with soft comfortable fabric & printed with our original tide line print the Submerged Top is perfect for those warm spring & hot summer days. This top has low... Learn More



Strap dress Strap dress

Strap dress

The Strap mini Dress has been thoughtfully created with soft stretchy bamboo fabric with brass embellishments. This dress boasts alluring forked shoulder straps which lead to a scooped open back... Learn More



Cityscapes dress Cityscapes dress

Cityscapes dress

This stunning dress will invoke your inner enchantress with the perfect combination of sexy and chic. The plush stretchy velvet hugs the body with a gorgeously unique back creating a... Learn More



Feather Scar Dress

          The Feather Scar Dress is dangerous and alluring, strong and captivating, curvaceous and hypnotic. The comfortable stretch fabric forms and flatters around your curves, while stitched panels create a... Learn More



Dresses, sweet dresses, we love to wear them and at Fairy Floss we love designing them. Our collection of dresses brings in the elements of the feminine, the flirty, the edgy, and with a variety of patterns, styles and shapes to suit all body types and tastes. Pushing our designs and not believing in boundaries every dress is made to perfection for all shapes and sizes. Steam punk, medieval or nature inspired designs will take you to a whole other level of wearing a dress whatever the season... [ more ]So what is your style? Are you the fairy lover? Or perhaps a forest dweller? Maybe tribal with a bit more edge & rock is up your ally? Perhaps the elegant, flowing full length is your rhythm? We can offer it all with our diverse, unique collection. With excellent styling and fine attention to detail we have dresses that are there with you to party in, scope the festivals, or lounge around with friends. Our fabrics and designs are incredibly comfortable and we love to add sexy flair to our dresses by using brass studs, zippers, ruffles, tulle, leather and create stunning cut out pieces in some of our designs. Our divine dresses are intelligently designed and can always be combined with many other garments, as we know it’s so fun to dress up and with our collection of dresses this is no exception.




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