Survivor Shorts

Be the hottest looking survivor in these sassy bootie shorts! These sexy little stretchy shorts have a touch of cheek with an urban edge. The sides of the shorts feature... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Lacey Booty Shorts

          The Lacey Booty Shorts boast a playful sexiness while maintaining a perfect combination of girly and burlesque power! These super cute hot-pants will definitely bring out your flirtatious side.... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

Second Skin Skirt

          Inspired by the strength and solidarity of natures power, this skirt channels these powerful elements. Spectacularly captured, the fabric softly and delicately flows  in rhythms as you stride and... Learn More

$119.00 AUD

Trainspotting Dress

Let the Trainspotting Dress bring out your provocative and daring side. Super soft stretchy fabric trimmed with lace hugs the body, with a little bit of fancy flare at the... Learn More

$125.00 AUD

Slim Pocket Belt

You can't do without those pocket belts, and this one is a winner. Made from a fine cotton you won't feel when it's on. It has plenty of pockets and... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

Cosmic Punk Pants

Sturdy cotton canvas shorts slashed with faux leather studded trim and patching. Features all the pockets you could need and a waistband that adjusts. *100% Cotton Learn More

$120.00 AUD

Ninja scood

This will fast become a well loved item this winter! Made from a knitted cotton a generous hood to keep your head warm and 3 "scarf" layers to keep your... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Digital Future Bamboo top

Get the futuristic look in our digital future top in bamboo, this sexy long sleeve crop top is made from a knitted  bamboo cozy warm fabric. Featuring a turtle neck... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Hand made leather two pockets belt

This incredible hand made work of art ,is a one off piece as all items are unique and slightly different.The two pockets on this amazing belt are separate and are... Learn More

$469.00 AUD

Digital Future top

Look futuristic in this sexy long sleeve crop top, it's ultra comfy and so soft,  featuring a turtle neck and funky thumb holes. With a digital print that makes this... Learn More

$79.00 AUD

Blade Jumper -M

This limited edition unisex jumper is an essential this winter. Dress the Blade jumper up or down with a pair of jeans or track suit pants, extra long in the... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Shogun Cape

Look graceful and stay warm in our Shogun Cape. This stylish cape is made from fake fur and lined with a soft cotton, making this cape cosy, it features a... Learn More

$110.00 AUD

Hand made double pocket leather belt

This incredible hand made work of art ,is a one off piece, as all items are unique and slightly different.This pocket belt features 2 zipped up front pockets ,a top... Learn More

$469.00 AUD

    Styles - Festival Clothing

     Fairy Floss is an earthy, tribal fashion label with a range of quality clothing that you’ll spot at psytrance events all around Australia – from the humble bush doof to huge festivals like Rainbow Serpent, Woodford, Maitreya and Earthcore.




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