Mystic Singlet - Flower of Life

  The Flower of life is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings. The sacred geometry wonder is printed all over the front and back... Learn More

$49.00 AUD

Mystic Singlet - Tree Trunk

Made from a close up tree trunk image –this all over print is earthy, and enchanting. Our mystic singlets been worn and loved over the years as their cut and... Learn More

$49.00 AUD

Nature Punk Pants

The Nature Punk Pants follow in the steps of our successful line with a wide, chunky cargo style design. These awesome nature warrior inspired pants are not short of our... Learn More

$179.00 AUD

Nature Work Top

          Activate your inner warrior fairy, in the Nature Work Top.  Perfect for hot summer days and nights on the dance floor. Feel beautiful and at one with the elements... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

Nuclear Shirt

Looking cool on sultry summer nights is a breeze in our Nuclear Shirt.           Designer detailed, this sleeveless shirt is made from 100% lightweight Rayon. It features funky angular patchwork... Learn More

$99.00 AUD

Playa Pants

These steamy & stylish pants have an earthy tribal feel. Made of strong washed canvas, they can be worn day in and day out. With plenty of pocket room, the... Learn More

$159.00 AUD

Projection Tunic Projection Tunic

Projection Tunic

  The Projection Tunic is perfect for a hot summer's day. Made from thin lightweight fabric, it is designed to be loose around the upper body. With big open armholes... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

-$79.00 AUD

Proto Punk Skirt

Edgy and complex, the Proto Punk Skirt is a unique addition to any fashion-forward, steampunk enthusiast’s closet. This skirt features a pinstripe pattern laid over a layer of gauzy ruffles.... Learn More

$120.00 AUD

Radioactive Shorts

The Radioactive Shorts are funky, versatile and comfortable. Made from 100% stressed cotton, these shorts are both soft and durable. They feature a a criss crossed messy stitching pattern and... Learn More

$149.00 AUD

Reactive Top

The Reactive Top is the perfect summer top.           Made from 100% lightweight Rayon, this funky little top features a high neck design with stunning strap features running down each... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

Reconstructed Top Reconstructed Top

Reconstructed Top

The Reconstructed top is edgy while being ultra comfortable on those sultry summer days. It has a subtle print on top of the base color and features an angled patch... Learn More

$65.00 AUD

-$89.00 AUD

Reptile Big Leather Pouch

This pouch going to change the way you see bags forever, with tribal earthy influence it is oozing with originality and stunning detail. Featuring a belt loop in the back... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Reptile Leather Belt

Designed with earthy influence this leather belt is loaded with unique style and tribal detail.  Match it with our reptile leather pouches to turn it into a full utility belt... Learn More

$129.00 AUD

Reptile Small Leather Pouch

This little pocket pouch is going to change the way you see bags forever, with the alternative tribal influence this pouch oozing with originality and stunning detail. No need for... Learn More
$119.00 AUD Sold Out
Ripples Tunic Ripples Tunic

Ripples Tunic

It's going to be one hot summer and now you've discovered the Ripples Tunic it just got hotter! This sexy little number is divine on its own if you're loving... Learn More

$79.00 AUD

-$99.00 AUD

Rock Punk Top

Embrace your inner punk rock goddess with this hot top. Made from a stretchy cotton with leather panel, this little crop top has a tough tribal feel. Embellished with leather... Learn More

$119.00 AUD

Sacred Player Shirt

A classic collared & short sleeved shirt with an asymmetrical design. Featuring a subtle seed of life pattern throughout,with embroidery,and pocket on the front. Comfortable & breathable cotton, & great... Learn More
$75.00 AUD Sold Out

Scapes Tee

Simple and stylish, the Scapes Tee will jazz up any outfit.  Made from super soft fabric for superior comfort and featuring slashes across the fabric for an urban edge.  This... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

Second Skin Skirt

          Inspired by the strength and solidarity of natures power, this skirt channels these powerful elements. Spectacularly captured, the fabric softly and delicately flows  in rhythms as you stride and... Learn More

$119.00 AUD

Sergeant Mini Jacket Sergeant Mini Jacket

Sergeant Mini Jacket

Be in charge in the Sergeant Mini Jacket. This little crop jacket with elbow length sleeves is perfect for those cooler summer nights. Made from stretchy thin cotton and featuring... Learn More

$110.00 AUD

-$149.00 AUD

Serpent Dress

Introducing the Serpent Dress, with its exotic and enticing serpent print, feel like a goddess in this heavenly and alluring dress. Cut on the Bias, the serpent print fabric falls,... Learn More

$129.00 AUD

Serpent Shirt

           The super stylish serpent shirt is a tailored, sleeveless, lightweight design printed with an organic serpent pattern on the fabric. It will keep you cool and looking hot, and... Learn More
$69.00 AUD Sold Out

Serpent Top

Spunky and unique, the Serpent Top is crafted from super soft stretchy fabric and is sleek and flowing. A wide scoop neck tapering shoulder straps create a gorgeous neckline, with... Learn More
$75.00 AUD Sold Out

Shimmer skin tunic

This incredibly comfortable Shimmer Skin Dress is fabricated with the softest, slinky light-weight lycra. A sexy little number is perfect for hot festive summer days or can be worn to... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Skin Top Skin Top

Skin Top

Time to shed your skin and behold the stunning, sexy skin top. Be enchanted by this little seductive top, that has a burlesque flavor and will easily become one of... Learn More

$69.00 AUD

-$85.00 AUD

Solace Tunic

The Solace top is an extremely comfortable draped top that can easily be worn as a dress.  The deliciously soft material flows over the curves of the body. A large... Learn More

$79.00 AUD

Spear Shirt

The Spear Shirt is going to be your choice of dress shirts this summer with its exciting mix of elements. Its stylish design has thrown industrial, steam punk and tribal... Learn More

$99.00 AUD

Spray-It top Spray-It top

Spray-It top

Inspire your inner artist with the Spray It Top decorated with a street art graffiti style print. Also embellished with a lace up back featuring leather trim and utility grommets... Learn More
$45.00 AUD Sold Out

Star Gaze T Shirt

The Star Gaze t-shirt is where a comfy T meets a visually striking print giving it that eclectic edge. Stars are always a favorite and are featured within this geometric... Learn More

$59.00 AUD

Steam Goth Dress

The Steam Goth Dress has an intricate, intelligent design that is impressive and stunning, and really has the "wow" factor.           This dress is created to praise your figure and comfortably... Learn More

$179.00 AUD

Steam lace tights Steam lace tights

Steam lace tights

          The Steam Lace Tights are soft, flattering and fabulously feminine. The stretch material is a blend of 95% viscose and 5% spandex for a custom fit that hugs curves... Learn More

$49.00 AUD

-$69.00 AUD

Steampunk Shirt

The Steampunk shirt is a sophisticated sturdy canvas shirt. Its stylish design has thrown industrial, steam punk and tribal inspirations into the mix bringing the masculine look to a hot... Learn More

$99.00 AUD