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Why You Need to Rock Your Curves

The "ideal" body type, or the desire to be thin, is very much a cultural construct. A study was done in the nineties where people from the South Pacific were shown a Western movie, and they simply could not understand why the main character was chasing a skinny blonde in a bikini rather than a larger woman. In Morocco, Saharawi brides use weight gain drugs and eat as much as possible in the weeks leading up to their wedding (including drinking liters and liters of camel's milk) in order to get bigger curves. Before an anorexic empress in the 18th century made being thin fashionable, a slender waist was associated with poverty (whereas now, we associate high calorie diets with poverty). It's clear that thin-is-beautiful is very much a contemporary Western construct, with ties to our prejudices and bias against the "lower class".


The only way to shift cultural norms is to stand against them; to challenge the ideas you want to change. By rocking your curves and refusing to fit with the current status quo, you're opening doors for the next generation. If you refuse to be anything other than your fulfilled, authentic self, others will feel inspired and permitted to do the same.


That's why FairyLuscious exists; to enable curvy women to dress in funky, alternative clothing, that celebrates their curves rather than hiding them.



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