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The Life Cycle of Butterflies

Our new spring/summer range is all about transformation; the snake shedding its skin, caterpillars transforming into butterflies. Here's some information about that magical process, and the different stages you'll be able to spot in our new season designs.




The "pupal stage" is the term for the transforming hibernation of creatures like butterflies and moths; the time when they hide themselves away and become something totally new. Pupa is the over-arching term for their vessels; chrysalis is the specific term given to the pupa of the butterfly. The Pupa Top embraces some of the many, many colours that pupae come in; it fits to the body like a chrysalis, but is printed with the wings of a monarch butterfly. It perfectly represents the transitional nature of the pupa.



Cocoons are the pupal stage of moths, spun from silk; although the proper term for a butterfly's pupa is "chrysalis", they are often referred to as cocoons. The cocoon dress brings together the softness of the silk moth cocoon and the sheen, lines and panels of the butterfly's retreat. It hugs the body close, just like a cocoon.



Some varieties of butterfly emerge from the cocoon in a few short weeks, others can take as much as years. Their beautifully patterned wings can serve as camouflage, or to warn predators away. In ancient Japanese and Roman cultures, butterflies represented the soul; in other cultures, they represent rebirth. One Japanese superstition suggests that if a butterfly comes into your guest room and perches on a bamboo screen, the person you love is coming to see you. The Nectar Goddess Dress fits and flows, allows all women (regardless of body type) to feel sexy and confident, and is patterned with a monarch butterfly design



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