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We are so excited to bring to our Tribe the latest in our creative workings... Our newest collective was inspired by the Brave, the Wild, the Strong & the Beautiful. 

Barren wastelands are shrouded with smoke, desolate callings Beckon...
the Beat kicks & stirs within us, Pounding through our chests...
the sky Cracks & the universe Screams!
oblivion Swallows us whole & it feels Good.

Featuring an earthy colour palette, dangerously cool post apocalyptic vibed prints & sexy, flattering designs ideal for long days spent dancing in the dust - our latest collection includes both new styles & staple Fairy Floss closet must haves. Mix and match to create a unique look that inspires you & makes you feel hot! The Summer festival season is just around the corner and we have you covered... a little ;)




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