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Men's Fashion Week

The second "New York Fashion Week: Men's" has recently come to a close, and the huge level of interest has been attributed to men taking a greater interest in how they present themselves to the world. From baseball caps to high end wear, the event had something  for everyone - really cementing the idea that men's  fashion is becoming increasingly diverse, and that men are seeking a way to express their own unique personality through their fashion choices.


Pixie King has been anticipating this trend for years, and we're very excited to see it becoming mainstream. Our clothing is designed for men who like classic cuts with an alternative twist - that can easily take them from the streets to the dancefloor, from their office cubicle straight to a party. They're also designed to last - our leather jackets, for example, are intended to be that piece that your son has his eye on for years, and when you hand it  over to him, it'll be just as sturdy as the day you bought it.


Our tank tops and t-shirts give you that simple, flattering cut you love, adding unique patterns to help you embrace contemporary, bohemian masculine vibes - they've been so popular that we add new patterns season after season.

Our collared shirts allow you to embrace the strong, sexy vibe that comes with a well tailored formal shirt, but the earthy, nature inspired fabrics and steampunk-inspired metallic detailing adds a point of difference.

Our pants and shorts are made for durability AND style, with plenty of pockets, tough stitching, and comfortable cuts.

Pixie King jackets and vests quickly become a wardrobe staple; warm, comfortable, strong and stylish, they let you capture the strength of the industrial age, the patterns of nature, and help resolve the (apparent) paradox that is creative, intuitive masculinity.




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