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Graduation Dresses from Fairy Floss

Graduation is an important moment, when you step out of school or university and into a new stage of your adventure. And for girls graduating, the outfit - usually, the dress - is everything. If you're in the United States or graduating with a PhD, you want something that is going to match your robes; if you're at Columbia you probably want something in a beautiful shade of blue, or from NYU, something that matches well with purple. If you're graduating from an Australian or New Zealand university as an undergraduate or Masters student, it's all about the hood - pale pink for the Bachelor of Arts, light blue if your graduation hood colour is telling the world you're a newly minted law graduate.


Our dresses and matching sets offer comfort, style, and something to make you really stand out from the crowd - in a wide range of styles and colours.


Here's some of our suggestions for graduation outfits to match your hood or robes.


The blue and chocolate brown Nectar Goddess Dress would go beautifully with purple, pink or blue; Arts, Laws, or Engineering.

The white Nectar Goddess Dress is an ideal match for any colour - including those maroon PhD robes!

The blue Cocoon Dress would be ideal with a pink Arts hood, a dark blue Science hood or a blue Laws hood; and stunning with NYU purple. It could also really make an orange Commerce hood stand out from the crowd.

The Feather Goddess Dress in black or white would be lovely with a blue Laws hood, a dark blue Science hood, or any blue robes (like Columbia or University of North Carolina robes).

The Monarch Skirt and Halter Monarch Top in blues and browns would be ideal to match a yellow or gold Fine Arts/Architecture hood, an orange Commerce hood, or  a dark blue Science hood.

The beautiful dark blush of the Dream Flow Dress will go beautifully with the dark blue of Science, purple robes, or a light blue Laws hood.



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