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FairyFloss Around the World

We asked some of our Instagram and Facebook friends to tell us where they're from, and the proof is in the map we made below: FairyFloss is a truly international brand, with customers and outlets everywhere from Brazil to London to our home in Byron Bay.

Our customers take our clothes everywhere, to festivals and events all over the world; we've seen photos of them at Boom Festival in Portugal, a photoshoot in South America, a Grateful Dead concert in the US, and all of the major psytrance festivals in Australia.

We love our international friends and family! If you don't live in Byron and want to shop FairyFloss in person, there's places all over the world you can do so.


  1. Delicious Boutique in Philadelphia, USA - a gorgeous little shop with beautiful clothes

  2.  Toon'z Shop in France - a very popular shop selling music and apparel

  3. Psy7 in Germany - selling pieces with gorgeous psychedelic patterns

  4. Camden Market in London - a British icon

  5. Happy High Herbs in Santa Cruz, California - the US branch of a popular Australian chain


Thank you for all the love, and we're sending it right back!



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