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FairyFloss draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, from nature to sacred geometry to historical tribal wear; it's this fusion of ideas and styles which contributes to our signature Nature Punk style, and makes FairyFloss one of the most original designers on the market.

In this blog post, we're going to draw attention to one of our favourite sources of inspiration: steampunk fashion. We'll show you where steampunk came from and how we use it to infuse FairyFloss clothes with a dystopian flavour, to create pieces that are truly timeless.

(note: for the purposes of this blog post, we're just going to focus on clothes: for a truly excellent history of the steampunk movement more generally, check out this website)


What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is the science fiction of the Steam Age (Victorian Era), re-imagined from a modern perspective. It blends history, imagination and science into a wonderful world that might have been.

The invention of the steam engine made full scale industrialisation possible, and in turn, made authors and artists dream of a future where steam, not electricity, drove advances in technology and science. They dreamed of steam powered submarines, space travel, a mechanised life.

Modern steampunk enthusiasts re-imagine the 19th century with steam-powered versions of modern technologies. In this way, it becomes the perfect blend of alternate history and science fiction.


What Does Steampunk Fashion Look Like?

Steampunk takes Victorian fashion as its base, and adds industrial, futuristic elements.  It aims to delight, entertain and engage. Popular features include corsetry, pinstripes, brass adornments, industrial machine parts (eg wheels and cogs), ruffles, frills and leather.

Steampunk and Popular Culture

Steampunk couture continues to increase in popularity, as it allows for a lot of imagination and individuality. The films Sucker Punch and Sweeney Todd have a very strong steampunk aesthetic; Amy Lee from the band Evanescence brings steampunk influences to her gothic Lolita stage outfits.

FairyFloss and Steampunk

Our unique Nature Punk style brings together patterns and hues from nature with the industrial features of steampunk; it takes two opposites, and fuses them into an original, sexy and stylish aesthetic.

We carry a number of steampunk-inspired neo-classical jackets. With lace-ups, frills, bustles, ruffles, and clockwork appliques, these jackets draw on industrial themes but provide a modern twist.

We create tough and strong vests and tops that combine sexy femininity with heavy-duty detailing like grommets, leather, studs and buckles.

We have plenty of tough, tribal and embellished skirts, both long and short. Studs, buckles, gathers, ruffles, ruching, appliques and 100% leather accents give these skirts the perfect mix of feminine and heavy-duty. These skirts look great with tough boots and goggles if you're going full steampunk; pick a hi-lo style with ruffling bustles for neo-classical style.

Steampunk relies heavily on accessories and adornments like goggles,studded belts and cuffs to fuse the Victorian and the mechanical. We have some great accessories in stock, perfect to add something special to any outfit.



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