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Curvy Fashion in the Workplace

While many jobs now give us a greater degree of freedom in what we wear, there's still the expectation that your clothes will be neat and conservative...which is hard when your personality is better suited to alternative, funky statement pieces! While the Fairy Floss range is primarily designed to capture the essence of Byron Bay, nature, party vibes and the things you love doing during your free time, FairyLuscious has a few pieces that are perfect for people who love to express their unique style at work too.  


The Oriental Goddess Top has three quarter sleeves and a simple cowl neckline, but the paisley pattern and cut-out shoulders give it a little alternative flair. The top is fitted, but doesn't cling. If you have to work outside (for example, teachers supervising students at lunch) then this is going to be your new summer favorite - covering you from the sun without being stifling. The Frilly Petal Skirt is approximately the same length as most suit skirts, but the wrap effect and frill around the bottom makes it a little more fun; and the fabric is much more comfortable than stiff tweed or cotton.





The Frilly Bolero is a great little cover up for women who like to wear a cardigan or jacket to work; it's also perfect for those goddesses working in hospitality who want their blacks to be a little different to everyone else's. The V Lace Top is perfect for curvy women who like to show a little skin; it's designed to show off your assets without exposing them. The thick straps make it incredibly comfortable to wear (nothing cutting into your skin).


The FairyLuscious Belt will go perfectly over a simple black dress or top; it's great for cinching looser pieces, or dressing up a simple black dress, top or tunic. The corset detailing at the back not only makes the belt adjustable, it adds a little bit of steampunk, gypsy flair to even the plainest of work outfits. It's that little secret weapon that allows you to walk into a meeting or sit down at your desk feeling tough, feminine and ready to take whatever the day throws at you. The FairyLuscious range is designed for comfort, to flatter, and to allow you to express yourself through your clothing across all walks of life; whether you're dressing formally, informally, or somewhere in between. We hope that these items will allow you to walk into work feeling gorgeous, confident and most importantly, like you're wearing something that really allows your personality and aesthetic to shine. If you'd like to connect with us, find out more about FairyLuscious and talk to us about what you need and love in curvy fashion, please add us on Facebook.



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