Vegan Medusa belt

Ssss the serpent is with you.. Get wrapped up in this triple tiered studded rubber belt in brass or silver with Large Serpent buckle, By Serpentine wear. Closure with 4... Learn More

$139.00 AUD

Diamond singlet

Shine like a Black diamond, dance with the moon and be draped in this soft dark fantasy..By Serpentine wear. Super soft cotton highlighted with the softest black leather detailing and... Learn More

$89.00 AUD

Python princess skirt

This Serpentine wear skirt is Sleek and sassy and sssso sexy. Short front that can be worn at the front or to the side. Gorgeous panel of golden snake print... Learn More

$119.00 AUD

Diamond shorts

These funky Serpentine shorts are made from comfortable but durable twill with a slight stretch.. triple stitched and made to last.. custom diamond print and brass detailing You won't want to... Learn More
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Black Moon dress

This Sexy Serpentine dress is a new addition to the Pyramid priestess range. This one  can be worn short or a little longer, it features a black moon in leather... Learn More

$129.00 AUD

Freja Vest

This Gorgeous Serpentine warm fur collared vest.. Made with sturdy thick twill and lined with soft cotton, its adorned with brass accents and four pockets two of which zip up... Learn More
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Punk priestess pocket belt

Gorgeous leather and lace pocket belt .. By Serpentine wear. Tough, sexy but sweet .. two pockets both detachable.. one long, one wide, big enough to fit iPhone, camera, passport,... Learn More

$258.00 AUD

Neith skirt

Neith was the Egyptian creator goddess of war, a funerary goddess and the patron of domestic arts.. Wage destruction in this bad ass black mini skirt by Serpentine wear. Emblazoned... Learn More

$109.00 AUD

Changeling onesie

Its a Onesie, its a dress and leggings, its pants and its shorts all in one!! Dunno what to wear? You have it all in this one piece! Made from... Learn More

$128.00 AUD

Serpentine Holster

Beautiful leather holster by Serpentine wear, designed to fit all your essentials, camera, wallet, pasport, smokes etc. Perfect for travelling or festivaling :) keep all your valuables safe and look... Learn More

$288.00 AUD

Moon Goddess harness

Prrr dream up the night in this moon goddess harness...By Serpentine wear. Sturdy but soft subtle leather wraps your body up in this gorgeous design... wear over a singlet, dress,... Learn More

$150.00 AUD

Labyrinth Holster

Be bold in this bad ass design... By Serpentine wear. The labyrinth of life.. custom brass hardware .. spunky, strong leather.. Black and brass men's leather holster, pockets can easily... Learn More

$300.00 AUD

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